“We are the love of the creator embodied in human form.


Through the power of love, we create.


We are here in service of universal art to create beauty and to enjoy all that has been created. ”


Quote from the book “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey.



Since my childhood I have used art to express myself. I grew up with the love for art, drawing and painting. Both my dad and granddad painted. From a young age I experimented with different materials. Daily I did spend hours drawing and painting. It has always been a way to be in my own reality.

When I started my spiritual path, the paintings evolved and changed. They became very colorful and vibrant. Different beings and sacred geometry appeared in my art. I participated in ceremonies and energy works. As I went on to heal myself and take responsibility for my life, I opened up to higher vibrations.
Looking back I see how the hours of drawing and painting from childhood till then have prepared me. It now serves me to express the love, beauty, harmony and energies that I connect with. It really fulfills me.

All paintings carry codes and a special high energy. They help to connect to the higher self and to open up to levels of higher ​consciousness.



  • What is a Soul Portrait? 
  • Soul Portraits are paintings I make on commission. A Soul Portrait is a channeled painting especially made for you. Each portrait is very different. Through the image energy is being transmitted. This transmission brings healing, revealing the beauty of your soul, allowing you to tune in to your higher multidimensional Self.
  • Soul Portraits can be used in meditation. Along your path of empowerment the image will continue to speak to you in an unique way. It reminds you of who you truly are, loveable, talented, beautiful. Bit by bit it will also reveal its deeper meaning to you. As you evolve on your path and things are being unfold for you, you also start to see the layers of meaning of the portrait.I invite you to have a look in the Soul Portraits gallery and read the reviews of the persons who own a Soul Portrait.

How to order a Soul Portrait?
Provide by email a clear picture of yourself taken within the last year. It is important that you look in the camera so I can look into your eyes through the picture. As the eyes are the window to the Soul, for me they are an important tool to make the connection. If you have the possibility we can have a skype conversation. This is a tool for me to tune in. You can use the contact form to sent your picture and schedule a skype session.

When will the painting be finished?
My schedule varies. After receiving your picture by email I will let you know when I can start. If you have the possibility to skype, we set a date for the Skype session.
After the session I will start the painting. The time it takes to complete a Soul Portrait differs with each portrait. Usually it is good to keep in mind it will take between 3 to 6 weeks before it can be sent.
The painting will be made with the best quality Acrylics paint. It can be made on handmade paper or a canvas. Each piece is an unique piece of fine art.
You will receive the original. Copyright laws determine that all usage rights remain with the artist.
I sell prints of the Soul Portraits that have been made. Like this the energy of your soul will reach others! It is a beautiful way to spread the light of our souls.
The price can vary according to the size you choose. Prices mentioned here are a guideline.
The prepayment is 200 euro. Rest is to be paid after receiving the painting.

40 x 50 cm 900 euro
60 x 80 cm 1200 euro
100 x 100 cm 1500 euro

The painting can be shipped worldwide. Shipping fees depend on the destination. I will give you an estimate of the shipping costs. Within Europe the costs are  approximately 50 euro.

When do I pay?
If you have decided to give me a commission you can sent the picture and make the pre payment. I will confirm your commission and the estimated time of completion upon receipt of payment.

With great pleasure I look forward to connect with the energy of your soul to create with that energy

a beautiful peace of art for you.



The creation of energy paintings occur when I  connect to the higher realms. This can be in energy works, or healing ceremonies. The image is then related to that work. Or  just when I have an intuitive feeling I should paint. It puts itself together while working on it.

High quality Copies of them can be pursued on my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com.nl/shop/ArtfromSun.

Or you can use the contact form on this site and I will let you know the price and sizes.

Prices are

A4 size 40,– euro

A3 size 80,– euro

Bigger sizes also available.



The painting Stiena painted of the man and of the sea, is absolutely totally spectacular and beyond all words. The detail is to the absolute and the meaning behind the painting much much deeper. I would never have imagined anything so real, so beautiful. Its so easy to see how much effort and love she put into doing it. I stare at it for hours, looking into the eyes of knowledge and wisdom, the one whom was made known again to me on that grey autumn day. I am very grateful and honoured to know Stiena in this lifetime and quite blessed. Thank you, Namaste.

Johny, September 2019


I was struck by lightning when I first saw my soul portrait. I had known for weeks that it was finished. I had had no expectations, only the feeling the task was in good hands.

It was in August afternoon, the garden was in full bloom, and Stiena waited for me in the hall. Calmly she went to the curtain that separated the hall with the room where the painting was, gently she drew the curtain away, I think I saw a smile on her face, then my mind was blown away. Because it was her. It was my higher Self. It was the face I had seen myself in a vision, and the eyes on the portrait immediately hooked into mine,  or rather: pierced me. They hypnotized me. In an instant, the same instant, they went to the depths of my soul, where they found a mirror. They were looking at themselves. Just like me. I did not know what to do. My cheeks were wet with tears, I felt an urge to jump or scream, to run or freeze. My heart rate was crazy high, my body was trembling. I was confronted with a truth about myself, and It was as liberating as it was entrapping. Good Lord those eyes. Where on earth did she find them? How could those eyes be captured in paint? How could my own soul come down from the stars and up from the depths of the sea to find me in a room in the 21 th century in an old farm house in Belgium? She would never leave me anymore. She came from far. She had waited a long time. Now she found me and she would never ever let me go anymore. Very alert with great earnest she looked at me at herself in this body, and she said: I am so happy that you showed up. You are the one. We will be together from now on. Together we will breathe, and love. And fly and work. And spread light. We will spread light. We will spread light.

On tiptoes I went closer to the painting. Hummingbirds were flying around us, happy couple, soul being and flesh and blood human being, hummingbirds flying around us exuding joy and beauty , while we danced, eye in eye, in the sacred silence of Shivas meditation, the all knowing, all accepting, a;; powerful silence where all souls meet and melt into one knowing, one loving, one consciousness. There were outbursts of light. There was night and day there was the endless play of the cosmic dance, the cosmic play of time and space, and all was joy and love.

I had not enough words when Stiena came back. I took the painting home and when I put it on the wall, I cried. Because I knew I had come home myself. Now we live together. She looks at me, with great love and great alertness, summoning me to live the truth. The only truth. The truth that is felt in the heart.

Josina, September 2019



I recently received my portrait.
So beautiful.
So heavenly.
SO many sychronicities within the painting that stiena had no idea of.
She called the painting clarity.
That week my theme of the week had been how suddenly i could see life so clearly, like a fog had lifted.
When stiena paints she has no idea what or why she’s painting as she does, the meaning behind the art. It is for the self to discover through life.
My portrait sits in my bedroom opposite my bed. The last thing i see at night, the first thing i see in the morning.
One day i decided to see which chakra was in the sky.
Stiena had painted the muladhara, base chakra, which is governed by the god brahma, the creator. His consort is Dakini. She sits on a lotus. She has 4 arms each holding items which symbolise life, death and all the bits in-between. inside the chakra is an upside down triangle.
The base chakra is where the kundalini energy lies. Source energy.
The flute that i’m playing, apparently represents the body, and the music of the flute represents source energy.
Im not sure what the rest means yet. All i know is i have a very strong connection with my kundalini energy. It tells me everything . I feel everything. my kundalini is my guide.
A week before i made this discovery about the painting, i had been with 2 friends, and one of them had suggested that maybe my purpose here is to work with this energy , to share it with others, that maybe I’m being trained for this kind of work. suddenly my whole energy field crawled with energy and i started violently kundalini-ing in the middle of the sushi restaurant!!
So who knows . .but the painting is very quickly unraveling for me.
I love the painting more and more every day.
Thank you so much, Stiena from the bottom of my heart!

Sam, 3 March 2019


“I love Stiena’s work and when I heard about her soul portraits and saw some of them I wanted mine! I couldn’t wait to see it and when I finally did I felt drawn to it right away. Each time I look at it (which is quite often) I feel inspired, and motivated to be the beautiful being my soul tells me I am. Thank you so very much Stiena!

Nora, 19 February 2019


The color and the intensity of the color, the light, the movement of the horses, gives a feeling of an extreme powerful force. It is still difficult for me to recognise myself in the Big Chief although many people tell me that it is me. When I look at my soulportrait I feel the love, force and ancestral wisdom. I thank from deep within for this exceptional gift life brought me.

Luc, March 2019


Dear Christina,

Intuitively I knew that you had to make a Soulportrait for me. There was a strong connection. The loving attention you have put in the Soulportrait is so beautiful. I feltcompletely overwhelmed when I saw it. It was radiating, brilliant. I made a picture of it and has put it as a front picture on my phone. The reason for this is that you make more frequently contact with your soul like this. So nice what happened when my grandson saw this portrait  on my iPhone. He is 2 years old, ooo… that is grandma. I was so moved by that, how beautiful.

Pavitra, 17 February 2019


“Faire réaliser un portrait d’âme, c’est un peu comme le saut de la foi ! C’est accepter le mystère de se voir et de se découvrir à travers le regard de l’autre. C’est accepter de se voir telle que l’on ne se connaît pas encore. C’est accepter de poser dans la matière une image de notre âme, de lever un voile. C’est un magnifique cadeau de création, de co-création. C’est un chemin en soi. Merci à Stiena, merci au mystère,

Sylvie, 18 February 2019


The paintings of Christina are not only beautiful, they are the beauty. They are luminous, and the light itself. You can see a deep truth in her works, a truth that come across a pure soul, pure love. Let allow yourself to look to these paintworks with purity and hope in your eyes. Get inspired by such special pieces of the universal beauty. When I first saw the portrait of my soul I felt such a deep emotion, pure joy. You can see and feel your own beauty reflected in these paintings, as well as a very special connection with your own truth. Beyond the unbelievable colours, the magnificent forms, you will also see yourself. So be it

Jesus, 15 december2018


When I first received my Soul Portrait I was attracted to the eyes of the owl. They looked so intens. I felt they looked straight at me. The owl had appeared in my life as a warning or help to remember things at important moments in my life. It feels like my totem animal.

I had been reading many spiritual books and always was interested in more information. Trying to get to see more of the bigger picture. So I accumulated a lot of knowledge, theory but the experience of what I read about was missing. I had read about the believes around the globe. Was fascinated by the native american indians and their totem animals. So I understood we have a Soul which has many aspects like facets of a diamond. I was looking forward to meet the higher aspects of my diamond, feel them. To feel peace, harmony, love and serenity inside of me.
The Soul portrait I received came in the right moment. Experiencing my higher self had finally started. Its been two years now and it is a very vivid portrait for me. It is bringing me awareness of who I am. Somehow staring at it brings about a deep connection with the loving force inside of me. The Indian is showing me courage and strength to do that. Its a help to align and feel the beautiful energy of my soul. The owl being a strong reminder for me on what I need to focus in life. A powerful painting it is to me.
I really value this painting. Thank you so much for making it!

Ronald, November 2018

When I received it, I could not grasp all the information that was embedded in the painting. Some of the parts, like the eyes for example, I was wondering how they would properly fit with the face. Then I slowly could see several level of Presences. How all these level of energies where directed towards one point. In the beginning, I didn’t even see the sword which is in fact at the center of the piece. Maybe I was just looking at my face, so surprised to see myself embedded in there. All my life has been focused on discovering myself, learning to surrender to the divine aspects of the creator, understanding bit by bit that everything is energy in manifestation. Learning through experiences how to melt into the flows of these energies without control but with a strong will to be their instrument. The picture is much larger than I thought and the painting is expressing it so well. Every level of the creation is included and part of the whole pointing towards one direction…. my intention. Behind each symbol there is a world and when they are put together in such a work, they tell a story. A big story, my story. And still just the blink of an eye in God’s infinite power.

Ram, july 2018


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